Top 5 Harley-Davidson Accessories to Give This Year

Buying the perfect gift for a motorcyclist can be challenging - especially if you are not a rider. How do you know what they will use? How will you know if they already have one? Our Parts & Accessories experts have compiled the 5 best accessories to give a motorcyclist this year. 


Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover 

Just any old tarp won't do. Whether they store their motorcycle outside at the curb, in the dusty garage or as the focal point of their living room, they should cover it up. If you are buying for a friend, it helps to know what motorcycle they have as the covers do come in different sizes. If you have a picture of them on their bike it's easy for our Parts Associates to help you figure out which size they'll need.  


Travel-Paks for Hard Saddlebags 

Imagine pulling up to your hotel, parking your car and then loading up your arms with the contents of your suitcase to haul into your room. That's what many motorcyclists end up doing if they don't have these amazing Travel-Paks. They fit perfectly in Harley-Davidson saddlebags so when they arrive at their destination they can flip open the hard bag and pull out the contents easily using the convenient carrying handles. Heavy duty zippers and water-resistant material means their stuff is secure and dry. 

Dual-Mode Battery Charger 

No bigger bummer than walking out to the motorcycle to discover your battery has died. Regardless of what type of battery is in the motorcycle, a dual-mode battery charger can handle it. This charger is smart enough to serve up the right kind of juice depending on the battery's construction but also on the ambient temperature or how much charge the battery needs.  


Harley-Davidson Helmet Lock 

No one likes to drag their helmet around all day. No one trusts it to sit on a motorcycle untouched. That's where this helmet lock comes in. A small, simple locking carabineer fits in their saddlebag or even their jacket pocket. This size is designed to slip through the D-ring of any helmet and big enough to wrap around most handlebars or engine guards. It also has a tough rubber coating so they don't bang up the finishes on the bike. 


6-Hook Cargo Net 

"Do you have room for my....?" They can with this quick little cargo net. This net hooks on to just about any place on the front or rear of a motorcycle to strap on the extra jacket, the passenger helmet or the bag of take-out. The vinyl-coated attaching hooks are designed not to mess up the finishes of the parts they are strapped to.